Justin Halladay

Entrepreneur in New York

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Justin Halladay is the founder and president of JJ3B, a cutting-edge technology education and marketing services company. Prior to starting JJ3B, he spent 15 years working in business development in the education space and in IT, in a variety of capacities. Halladay has worked for large corporations and small companies with fewer than 500 employees. He has worked in the East, the Southeast and the Rocky Mountains. He even worked for a while for a large brokerage in New York City's World Trade Center. Suffice it to say, Halladay is versatile.

Today, Halladay's workday is flexible, but organized. He begins each day with a "to-do" list, but he enjoys being able to be present for his kids, help with their homeschooling and be able to tuck them in at night without sacrificing any of his business edge. According to Halladay, "most days are filled with Zoom calls with development teams working on projects and partners going over timelines and road maps". In addition to running and growing his company, he has several other profitable endeavors going at any given time.

Halladay attended Kean University in New Jersey for two years but quit the degree program to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Says Halladay, "I overcame (not getting a college degree) by getting the proper knowledge and education and experience to outperform college grads in the technology space." Halladay credits much of his success to his team and the people who have helped him in his career. He says that "with the right people in my corner, I can achieve anything."

A native of the New Jersey / New York area, Halladay currently lives in Florida with his wife, Yessica, and three young children. When he's not building businesses, he enjoys spending time in the gym, homeschooling his kids and reading the Bible with his family.