Justin Jarvinen

Lake Forest, IL

I challenge myself every day to see what's around the corner. As a strategist, product developer and business designer, I like like to think I'm pretty good at tethering big, transormative thinking to specific business metrics or goals (and then blowing them away). I'm an expert "Whole Product" developer, meaning I bring every single aspect of a business together at once because every single element is completely dependent on all the others, independently and collectively. Everything needs to be irreducible so all the pieces need to be defensed from every possible entry point. It requires both technical as well as creative hats, so my approach is active and engaging as much as it's disciplined. I've founded companies and secured contracts totalling more than $200 million in revenues, so I'd say I've found my niche. But I love it and that's really what's important.

Today I'm spearheading the development of an exciting new mobile product - a system rather - that enables companies to quickly, confidently, and successfully grow. We've distilled the complexity of mobile marketing into simple steps that take no more than a minute a day, and created a powerful system that helps companies make more money every single day they use it. Add in an incredible loyalty engine and we believe we've closed the loop on the business/customer relationship.

I live in Lake Forest, IL with my beautiful wife, 2 wonderful kids, and a couple rescued dogs that think they're humans. I'm always open with my time, when it's available, and love to hear about new ideas or problems in search of solutions. I'll take a lunch at Deerpath Inn, at my office downtown Chicago, or just about anywhere I can abuse a big white wall with my Sharpies.

I'm Justin. Reach out any time.

  • Work
    • Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.
    • Photo.com
    • VerveLife
    • 27SIX
  • Education
    • Northwestern University