Justin Krashefski

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

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Justin Krashefski Fit and Devoted

Justin Krashefski practices a fitness routine all year round. His daily exercise plan keeps him fit and healthy. Krashefski knows that part of the formula is indeed exercise, but the other part is diet. He implements a variety of activities in his round, such as weight lifting, running, swimming and more. The key to keep it interesting is always improving and switching up the activity throughout the year. Justin Krashefski is so devoted to fitness, that he is seeking higher education and a career in the field.

Justin Krashefski, A Man of Service

Justin Krashefski is a United States Military Veteran, having served as a member of the Coast Guard from 2001 to 2005. During his service, he underwent specialized training, and he served in other countries and at sea for long periods of time. Krashefski is currently seeking an educational degree at the Bachelor’s level in the field of Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Justin Krashefski To the Max

Justin Krashefski is a former military service man. He served as a member of the Coast Guard from 2001 to 2005. The physical demands placed on our military service personnel are well known, but even today, Krashefski maintains a solid workout routine designed to keep his body tuned and his mind clear. Many of the elements come from his extended training experience in the military. Today, Krashefski has maximized many of those routines in his exercise plans

Running Man: Justin Krashefski
If there is one form of physical activity Justin Krashefski loves most, it is running. Loving to start each day with a run, he loves to get his heart pumping and wake up his body. A certified Personal Trainer, Justin Krashefski loves sharing his passion for fitness with others. Living on the sunny south Florida coastline, he and his clients can

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