Justin Matthews Charter schools

Chief Operating Officer, Founder of Alliance Education Services, and Elementary school teacher in Palm Harbor, FL

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Renowned for its professionalism and impact, Justin Matthews Charter Schools has made a significant mark in the charter public school administration sector. Originating from Columbus, Ohio, he now calls Palm Harbor, Florida, his home. His journey from Ohio to the vibrant culture of Florida reflects a transition that has been crucial to his career. Armed with a robust educational background and unwavering diligence, he has become the Chief Operating Officer of Public Charter Schools, which carries immense responsibility and prestige.

His educational journey commenced with a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida. This accomplishment laid the foundation for his rise as an innovative leader in public education. Early in his career, he explored various facets of education, serving as an elementary school teacher and a leadership team member. These roles allowed him to gain a deep understanding of educational systems and the complexities of their various stakeholders. His ability to navigate these complexities and maintain a focus on students first is a testament to his unique leadership qualities.

His consistent efforts and high-level professionalism quickly led him to leadership roles within the charter school system. Over the past twenty-four years, he has held numerous positions, including Assistant Principal, Director of Safety, Founding Principal of a K-12 school, Regional Director, and Chief of Operations. His ascent culminated in his current role as CEO of a non-profit Charter Support Organization, which supports charter schools nationwide. This role epitomizes his dedication and success in the field, reflecting his significant strides in enhancing Southeastern public schools.

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