Justin Green

I have always been a person of many passions, always immersing myself in a new interest or hobby. My first love was music. At the age of 11, I was introduced to my first instrument, my older brother’s electric guitar. He would arrive home from school later than I would, so every day before he would come home, I would sneak into his room and play his guitar. Slowly teaching myself and eventually purchasing my own, music and small garage bands became a huge part of my life and lead me to my interest of media. Using a cheap camera, and a tripod, I used to take our bands photos, edit them in Adobe Photoshop, and even create t-shirt designs in Adobe Illustrator. Quickly gaining more interest these programs and less on the music, I slowly grew my talents and skills in design and graphic programs. This was great for me, but not for my band and our goal of selling out Staples Center. I attended Fullerton College with a major in History and all intentions set for becoming a history teacher. It took me a few years to realize that as much as I loved the idea of teaching, I had lost my passion for history, so I switched. I changed my major to Communications with a focus in Advertising, PR, and Marketing. Now a graduate, I am exploring my career options. Having worked in restaurants the majority of my life, I am excited to take my degree and begin new chapter. I enjoy thinking outside the box, and I love using my creativity in the most productive ways I can. However, being a perfectionist, I know that I always have room for improvement, and I am excited to see what challenges await me in the future.