Justo Hidalgo

Madrid, Spain.

I am the co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at 24symbols. There, I enjoy bringing a mix of product knowledge, biz dev and strategy, and travelling around the world talking about the present and future of books.

I was crazy enough to work on my Ph.D. while working in startups, so I'm proud to say I got it! I also hold a B.S. in Computer Science, and have had the immense fortune of receiving training in Product Management, Product Marketing, Innovation and Creativity at the universities of Stanford and Berkeley, CA.

Since founding a startup is seemingly not enough, I am also an associate professor at Nebrija University, at its Business School and at its Master´s Degree in Industrial Design, teaching IT Management, Creativity Techniques and Product Strategy and Innovation. I have been lucky to have interesting experiences in the corporate and startup world, I am also a mentor at Startupbootcamp, a European startup accelerator and Tetuan Valley, a startup school, both located in Madrid, Spain.

My Projects?

Taking 24symbols to the next level

Sharing my passion for entrepreneurship, technology, all with some reflection, to my students and mentorees

Writing a book about product strategy and innovation based on the learnings from the two bullets above :)

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