Just Your Average Hiker

New England

I absolutely love hitting the trail and spending time in the woods. Nothing like a good outdoor experience to clear your mind and keep you sharp in life. I am a thirty-something guy with a wife, 2 kids, far too many pets, a job that I work hard at (and works me hard at times), a house in the suburbs (white picket fence included). Not in the best of shape, but my legs never fail me, even after never training.

I am a bit of a gear-head. I love getting new things, giving them a good run, through. I love scouring through my equipment, and always making sure my “kit” is good. Adding here, removing there… since I ahve a demanding job and a family, I do not get out multiple times a week, or even multiple times a month. I get out when I can.

With that, I think that makes me “Just Your Average Hiker”.