John Davison

Bay Area

Currently Senior Director of Network Content at Zynga.

Spent two years building F!RST for Gamers - a videogame community and chat app for iOS and Android from Red Robot Labs - released in September 2013.

Formerly VP of Programming at CBS Interactive, overseeing all editorial and video production at GameSpot, Metacritic, Giant Bomb, and Comic Vine.

Previously the co-founder of What They Play: The Parents' Guide to Videogames - the first gaming website designed to educate parents about games and gaming culture. What They Play was sold to IGN in 2009.

Senior VP and Editorial Director of and the 1UP Network of websites (including GameVideos, MyCheats, and GameTab,) and co-host of the popular 1UP Yours podcast.

During 20+ years of managing gaming content, Davison has been Editorial Director of many of the most prestigious videogames magazines in the world, including Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Computer Gaming World, GamePro, and PC Zone.

Frequently a spokesperson for gaming on television and radio, Davison has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, This Morning, The Early Show, NPR, BBC, CNN, and many others.

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