José Wilker Tarradt de Araujo

Project Manager, Entrepreneur, and Adviser in Orlando, Florida

I’m passionate by technology and all the world about digital information science.

In 1996, I participated of the first develop internet company in Paraíba, Brazil (, having sold my cotes before the burst of the internet bubble.

In 2000, I created a company called Daterra Design e Tecnologia focused on design, pre-press and digital marketing.

In 2009, I participated of the process of merger between Daterra and 6PSgroup companies as a founder and manager. Then, I became the Commercial Director for 6PS account in Brazil, serving some clients such as Folha de São Paulo, IBM, Vale, Whirlpool, GloboTec and more.

In 2012, managing a team of experts in software programming we created our first webcast platform and event live broadcast to IBM client ( I’ve been responsible for commercial relationship with IBM Brazil until April, 2015.

In 2013, we expanded our business to NY and then we got to attend big companies such as e IBM USA. In that moment, we created an independent project, the startup, that becomes our big project. In 2014 the hackhands startup received the first funding from an angel investor and in 2015 it was bought by the PluralSight, one of the most important companies in the segment of education and training in the world.

Now, I’m living with my family in Florida and here I continue to develop projects and business analysis focusing on startups. My goal is to use my expertise to contribute to the success of others entrepreneurs who believe in their business, seeking investors and partners to develop innovative projects.

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