Jyoti Vishwakarma

Hie friends,

My name as written above, Jyoti Vishwakarma. I am just on way to get 18.I am what you need from me.. a friend when u need a friend, a helping hand when you want any help.....indeed i love helping all the people in need. i love writting....anything that touches my heart, my soul.

I wanna be a docter, giving my valuable time saving people and make them good and healthy. i love having fun... let it be getting wet in rain with the small kiddes or may be it be having hangout with my friend or may be just writting anything.

I wanna grow in heart and as Il grow wanna live my each moment to its fullest.

I wanna love, wanna be loved...

I am a dreamer of all time, and at anytime..

and now to know me personally,just follow me, I mean my blog.:P

Love you guyzzz to come cross my indentity and spend your valuable time on reading my stupid note for you'll...

lots of wishes and good health..