Kaama Joy

Producer in Sydney, Australia

Kaama has directed documentaries in Bangladesh, created Award winning global advertising campaigns, produced a rock concert in a rainforest & has raised millions for humanitarian aid projects:
Her career is a testament to one message: If you want to provoke change & make big things happen, passion isn’t enough
You’ve got to be unreasonable
Got a big unreasonable mission?

Like ending world hunger, bringing art classes to every school on the planet, launching your invention to turn water into wine, bringing compassion into the corporate workplace or throwing the biggest concert your community has ever seen?

Kaama wants to talk to you.
Because she’s got 30 years of experience in pulling off the impossible – and she’s got a team of writers, producers, filmmakers and branding experts who can help make the “unreasonable” a reality.

Connect with her here now.

Let’s make big things happen.

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