Kabuki Kitty

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk

About me:

Hello fellow Kitties!

I'm Emily and I write Kabuki Kitty, a lovely space for me to share my life, my obsession with all things beauty and my crazy cat lady musings. I'm a 26, with a degree in English & French. I'm originally from London, but I have lived in France, Devon and now reside in Newcastle.

This is my first blog and I'm slowly learning how it's all done. I wanted to start blogging as I'm known for having a camera stuck to my face 24/7 and I wanted somewhere to share my photos, along with my views on my most loved beauty products.

When I'm not snuggling my kitties (Madame Tiffany & Sir Syrus), I spend my time drinking far too much coffee, indulging in reading blogs and taking pretty photos. I adore fancy candles, carboot sales and mexican food.

Contact me:
I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

Drop me a line: Emily@kabukikitty.co.uk

Tweet me: @KabukiKittyBlog.

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Work with me:

You would love to work with me? Well I would love to work with you too!

Reviews - So you'd like me to review something snazzy? Whilst I can't accept everything I'm offered, if I think something will fit in well with my blog & my readers, I will be happy to give it whirl.


Everything on my blog has been writen in my own words and is my own opinion. It is not the sole purpose of my blog, but I do accept some products from companies, and will write about them if I deem them a good fit for Kabuki Kitty and my readers. If I'm dissatisfied with something sent to me, there will be no sugar coating and I will write an honest review stating in which ways I am disappointed by it.

When blogging a gifted item, I will always mention that it was sent to me to review.

Please note, that all of the content on this blog is my own intellectual property unless otherwise stated. I simply ask that if you share any of my content or photos, please provide proper credit including a hyperlink back to my site.

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