Kacey Patrick

I have been singing for as long as I can remember and enjoyed a rewarding career as a vocalist for many years. After time away from performing to raise my family, I am now relishing the opportunity to embark on the next stage of my musical and vocal journey...rediscovering my creative soul and a lyric voice I wasn't sure existed.

I love singing and exploring all the possibilities and range of the human voice. I love music in all its forms and sharing the joy of music with others. I love experiencing the shift in energy within a space - the shift in people - brought about by a single note. The way in which music profoundly effects, especially when one least expects it. In those moments of pure bliss, I love being but a conduit and a channel for all that music can be.

I love words and I am loving exploring the realm of the poet. I love fabric and all things fabric related. I love being crafty.

I aim to live a creative and conscious life, with grace and good humour. I hope that through my creative endeavours, I can bring joy, connectedness, beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness to both my myself, my family and others.