Kadima Luzerne

Assisted Living Facility in Luzerne County, PA

Kadima Luzerne is much more than a senior living facility - it is a family-like community that focuses on building relationships and helping residents live happy and healthy lives. Located in the heart of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in Drums, PA, Kadima Luzerne has grown to house a large number of residents, yet it still knows each one by name. Understanding the overwhelming decision that loved ones had to make to put a family member under their care, Kadima emphasizes the importance of supporting each individual and encourages family visits.

Kadima Luzerne offers short-term rehabilitation options for those needing rehab options after suffering from a stroke, surgery, or other incidents. The establishment works with its residents to develop a personalized plan that meets their desires and helps them transition home after meeting those goals.

Kadima Luzerne also offers skilled nursing care and long-term care for residents living with a prolonged illness or chronic condition. They provide all the treatment, therapy and support needed for recovering and living a healthy life.

At Kadima Luzerne, residents have a voice in their personalized care. With 24-hour nursing care, an on-call physician, comfortable rooms, delicious meals, and an open invitation for your loved ones to visit any time, your health and healing are the focus. The entire team at Kadima Luzerne believes that the best patient outcomes and the best care are made possible when everyone is treated like family. This means an environment where administrators sincerely value the feedback we receive and invest in the staff caring for our patients.

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