Our modern lives are busy, filled with many distractions and calls for our attention. Our family, work, church, neighborhood, friends, and our own personal needs all make legitimate demands on our energies. It is often difficult to keep our priorities centered on God’s loving presence. The Christian Life Community® (CLC) way of life invites us to encounter God in all the various aspects of our everyday life, reflect on these experiences, become more aware of God’s activity in these experiences, and respond in ever more authentic ways to God’s desire within our individual lives and our communal lives. Our Ignatian foundations call us to envelope all aspects of our lives in a sense of mission. Everything we are and do is seen as participating in the mission of Jesus Christ to bring about God's desire for the world. We gather in communities to help each other discern God's desire for each member and as a community, to send each other forth to live out that desire, to actively support one another in the daily living out of that desire, and after a period of time to evaluate the actions taken to see if they are truly consistent with God's desires.