Specific words come to mind when you think of Kaistar: DJ, dancer, Los Angeles native.

A longtime staple of the dance scene in LA, Kaistar's sense for music has led him into becoming a rising star in the LA nightlife scene with a tremendous selection spanning funk, disco, soul, R&B, house, electro, and more. His path has led him to DJ at some of the most prominent venues in LA, such as The Highlands, The Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre, Avalon, The Shrine Auditorium and well-known smaller venues such as Carbon and The Terrace. Kaistar's influence and following has even spread to Japan, with performances at Harajuku LaForet's TopShop, both Shibuya and Shinjuku axxcis clubs, Club CITTA' in Kawasaki, Shin-Kiba's Studio Coast (aka ageHa), and Roppongi's Soul Sonic Boogie. His body of work has led him to DJ with the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, JRocc, Nu-Mark, DJ Muro, Dimitri From Paris, and many others.


西海岸を中心にアメリカで活動中のKaistarはGreg Campbellock Jr.、OG Skeeter Rabbit、Richie Richなどの
Lock ダンスのパイオニアに直接踊りやダンス文化を受け継ぎ、当時彼らがオーガナイズしていたイベントにてDJを始めた。

生まれ育ったウェストコーストのフレイバーを混ぜこんだHip Hop、R&B、Funk、Disco、Houseのクロスオーバープレイは

これまでに日本で出演した場所:Club Citta, Studio Coast aka ageHa, Yokohama Blitz, 原宿LaForet など
これまでに日本で出演した大規模なダンスバトル:[email protected]、World Dance Coliseum、Juste Debout Japon、Freestyle Session (USA/Japan)など
これまでに共演したアーティスト: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, JRocc, Nu-Mark, DJ MURO, Dimitri From Parisなど

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