Kale Sligh

telecommunication, digital technology, and insurance in Nashville, TN

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Kristopher Kale Sligh, most often goes by Kale, is a corporate executive with background in both telecommunications, technology and insurance industries. While he gives his primary focus on his careers in those industries, he also provides some consulting work on the side as opportunities present themselves. He's also had some experience coaching children at basketball, baseball and football and has a passion for developing people life, sports and professional skills. Kale has lived in several places in the south eastern states over the last 30 years, living in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and most recently in Tennessee. His career background includes experiences in a wide range of telecommunication, insurance and digital technology and is known for his hard work and passion for elevating whatever team or business he is working with. However, Kale's true passion and focus is on his immediate family. He's married with 2 children and has a mother he is very close with. When time allows, he enjoys a wide variety of sports that he both plays recreationally and watching his favorite college and professional teams.