Janusz 'Kali' Kaliszczak

UI Developer, UI Designer, and UX Designer in London

User Interface Developer and Designer. Over 15 years of experience in development of large web sites, services and product websites. Working in both small and large teams, local and international. Focused on front-end development, having eyes wide open all around this area. Hands on with design, some back-end development, UX. Capable and keen to understand and cooperate with all kind of teams in a company: business, marketing, designers, testers, programmers and administrators.

Web standards and pure code freak and evangelist. Responsive and mobile web master, CSS3 magician. Simple and clean UI lover. Early adopter. Mobile and social maniac. New Technologies enthusiast. Too lazy to not to try spend some time on solutions making life and work faster, easier and better.

Eager to learn something new every day. Extravert, Internet freak, early adopter, 30% geek, 30% nerd, 40% cool but down to earth professional.

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