Kaweh Kalirad

Philosopher and Poet in Berlin, Deutschland

Kaweh Kalirad

Philosopher and Poet in Berlin, Deutschland

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Kaweh has studied business and law and is a philosopher, keynote speaker, artist and entrepreneur.

He lives entrepreneurship in every single moment of his existence.

At the age of 16, he founded his first company, an event agency, initiated a new music label and recording studio having his first record published only two years later. This record was within the top 5 records of the German hit list, with an international career and awards to follow. Kaweh was also able to found one of Europe's largest booking-agencies and a couple of company in different genres, followed by further startups and projects in Berlin, Dubai and San Francisco. Currently he advises people and companies on how to master their challenges and give speeches in universities and events to share his experiences and knowledge.

But it is not his track-record and more than 20 years of business and start-up experience with international, award-winning projects in the IT- and music industries that make Kaweh the perfect mastermind. It’s his exceptional vision of how humans should live, of how we could return to being human, of how life can be, when we are able to concentrate on what is really important.

There is one thing that matters most. And it goes beyond success, and beyond revenue.

This one thing is Loyalty!

Loyalty to our own individual gifts, loyalty to partners. And loyalty to humankind we serve. That kind of devotion is far more than being loyal to others. It starts with the loyal use of the fact that we are born for greatness and that we should be striving to outperform our native potential. Anything shorter providing long term success continuing to expand and dominate means betrayal to anyone involved in business as well as to their families. For Kaweh loyalty is the big concept of living accordingly to your abilities and your potential, as well as your intentions - unspoken or spoken - and commitments.

Kaweh considers it as a lack of loyalty not to fully utilize his own gifts, his talents, his mind, his experiences with which he has been blessed. He considers it as a betrayal to his own aspirations, dreams, and visions and as disloyalty to every other human on the planet.

Knowing that challenges are the experiences that sharpen our abilities in order to become extraordinarily successful, there is to be a lot to put an edge on.

He is currently writing a poetic philosophy book as a work of art and is also the founder of a new social network called TIMESLOT.