Kaweh Kalirad

Director in San Francisco, USA

Kaweh Kalirad

Director in San Francisco, USA

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Originally born in Berlin (Germany) I spent my preschool childhood in Asia. After returning to Germany at the age of 12 I finished school and started studying Law and Business afterwards. During my school time I founded my first own band, working as music producer and DJ in Germany's musical landscape.

At the age of 16 I founded my own company (event agency), initiated a new music label and recording studio having my first record published only two years later. This record was within the top 5 records of the German hit list, with an international DJ career and awards to follow. Also I was able to found one of europe's largest booking-agencies that I took responsibility of for several years. The following years were shaped by a couple of company foundings in different genres.

After all I started with my first IT startup called MyMusic. This was followed by further startups and projects in Berlin, Dubai and San Francisco.

I have more than 20 years of business and start-up experience in international, award-winning projects in the IT- and music industries.

Today I am working on a new Internet idea called TIMESLOT ​- representing a whole new way of how we create and share our time.



Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.








- Winner of MTV "HOT Awards" (German Black Music Awards) as BEST DJ NATIONAL (2003)

- Winner of MTV "HOT Awards" (German Black Music Awards) as BEST EVENT MANAGER (2003)

- Winner of the Middle East "International Awards" as BEST R&B DJ (2011)

- Winner of Webciety as BEST WEB-2.0 STARTUP (2009)

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