Kallie Noelle Rolison

Chicago Il United States

Kallie Noelle Rolison

Chicago Il United States

I moved from Mississippi to Chicago to pursue acting and wound up (mostly) on the other side of the stage. I love directing and I love sound designing and I'm in a love-hate relationship with writing.

Company Member - Corn Productions (2011 to present)

  • Come see me perform every Saturday night from now until the end of time in DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game
  • http://cornservatory.org
Artistic Associate - 20% Theatre Company (2012 to present)
  • http://www.twentypercentchicago.com

Ensemble Member - Pride Films & Plays (2015 to present)

Need a sound designer for your show or project? Send me a message! In the meantime, check out my sound samples here: https://soundcloud.com/k-rosyrrup (or just press play, above)


(Director & Sound Designer)

"Corn Productions’ daring and twisted My Girlfriend is the Devil [...] is delightful. [...] the play sets itself up to tear down some almost Inception-deep layers of convention.

"...director Kallie Noelle Rolison need[s] to be admired for [her] exquisite attention to absences; some of the most gripping points are the actors pausing for a laugh track that doesn’t come, or an expected entrance that doesn’t get made.

"...Easily the most impressive aspect of this show is the attention to technical detail. Almost as if an intentional juxtaposition to the uncertain layers of convention, the stage combat, choreography, and sound design are breathtakingly precise. Everything looks, sounds and synchronizes so perfectly that it’s hard to believe that what you’re seeing isn’t real." -- Wesley James, The Hawk Chicago; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"The director Kallie Noelle Rolison accomplished that ["silly, dark, brutal and sometimes disgusting"] vision in a fashion that left the audience both laughing and contemplating if they had a toxic relationship like the characters.

"...whoever picked the songs for the show I want to personally give a high five. They crushed it. [...] the song selection was so perfect it compared to Tarantino picking soundtracks for his movies. The music choices either enhanced the humor or escalated the horror. Just amazing." -- Brandon M. Prosek, Chicago Stage Standard; 3.5 out of 4 stars; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Work
    • Corn Productions
  • Education
    • University of Mississippi
    • iO (formerly Improv Olympic) graduate