Kalyan Mukherjee

When not enjoying the scenery of Greenwich, Connecticut, where he currently resides, Kalyan Mukherjee employs more than 15 years of professional expertise to his position as Lead Manager of Portfolio Generation at a hedge fund firm in Westport, Connecticut. Mukherjee joined the staff in January of 2010 and introduced a number of positive changes through the application of lean sigma principles, which aim to reduce financial output while maximizing profit. In implementing processes such as load leveling and value stream mapping, Mukherjee improved trade lateness and mistake rates significantly.

Kalyan Mukherjee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. Mukherjee also holds a Master of Business Administration from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration in Rochester, New York.

During the first six years of his career, Kalyan Mukherjee worked as Production Development Engineer with Valeo Thermique Moteur in Jamestown, New York, and Manager of Lean Manufacturing with Delphi Automotive LLP in Lockport, New York. After a hiatus during which he completed his MBA, Mukherjee joined the staff of McKinsey & Company, a consulting group in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his tenure with the company, he was promoted from an Associate to Engagement Manager and finally to Associate Principal. Mukherjee’s notable successes include a 30 percent reduction in labor costs and an 80 percent increase in remanufacturing efficiency for a client, and the composition of a global footprint method that strengthened operations worldwide for another.

Kalyan Mukherjee is a Senior Vice President at Nielsen, based in Wilton, CT. He manages a global team that works on improving processes in the Media and Buy businesses of Nielsen. Kalyan uses Lean and Six-Sigma principles to improve Quality, Delivery, Pricing, Cash Flow, Product development and customer processes.