Joshua Kamakauli Alameda

Born and raised in Hawai’i and culturally blessed to be connected to the land of which I come. I have lived my life as an open spirit. I have most of all been blessed with wonderful friends and opportunities. Life has thought me many things about self-identity and people. Human beings all have the same things in common. I have found social acceptance is something we all crave. It is through this understanding that I have been able to separate myself to meditate on self-identity. Finding my self has been a journey from birth. I have listened to the mountain the trees and the rivers to find the answers to life. I have found that living for one ’self is not really living; we as a people need to give of ourselves in order to truly live. Finding the balance of giving and taking is the key to understanding the dynamics to love and life. At age 18 I became a father. I have been blessed beyond anything I could describe. Being a father has thought me what love is and how important and beautiful children are. We all once were children. I can only hope that I can offer my children an open sense of being. I did attend Hawai’i community college for three and a half years to achieve a certificate in Hawaiian studies. It is a long term goal to finish my quest for cultural identity. I am open to meeting people who share the same vision and taste for life. It is important for all of us to share our thoughts and experiences to achieve growth. I am on a constant journey to self-discovery, and always open to hearing opinions and new insights on what it means to be living.

  • Work
    • Big Island Honda Automotive Sales and leasing