Kamal Nayan

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Public Speaker in Noida, India

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Hello, I’m Kamal Nayan, a result driven passionate software engineer with expertise in web development having 5 years of professional working experience and 2 years of academic, with exposure and interest in Natural Language Processing, proficient in penetration testing, always eager to work in challenging environment. Certified in various IBM technologies including DB2 and IBM Blue Scholar, served as IBM Student Ambassador in college. History of building software systems with improved functionality and productivity, consistently meeting critical requirements. Extensive work with Perl, Python, Solr, MySQL and back end development exposed to NLP.

Passionate about developing community, evangelizing technology and, giving enthusiastic technical presentations with exceptional skills at developing and fostering personal relationships. An effective teacher, instructor and mentor in all aspects of software development.

No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things we need to learn to achieve our goals

- Extensive work with, but not limited to perl, python, core java, Solr, MySQL and other web technologies

- Passion and love towards programming and cyber security

- 5yr experience in web development working with top giants like SAP, Zappos (Amazon subsidiary), Monster and IndiaMART

- 2yr academic experience in web development, working on IBM The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) projects

- Exposure to NLP, DevOps and recommendation engine

- Always eager to learn, and passionate to share that learnt knowledge with peers

- Certified in various IBM technologies, and an IBM Blue Scholar

- Author of a cybersecurity awareness book "Hacking int Hackers' Head"

Tech Stacks:

Expertise: perl scripting, perl CGI, Template toolkit, Embperl, python, core java,Solr, regex, MySQL, HTML/CSS, OOJS, jQuery, git

Intermediate: django, perforce, svn, GCP, AWS, apache, nginx, spjinx

Exposed to: Catalyst, NLTK, JAPE grammars (NLP), PredictionIO (Recommendation Engine), Jenkins

Tools: Eclipse, IBM Rational Rose, Firebug, jira, splunk

  • Work
    • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Education
    • B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering