Dr. Kami Hoss

Dentist, Businessman and Musician in San Diego, California

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Dr. Kami Hoss is the co-founder of The Super Dentists which he grew, alongside his wife - Dr. Nazil Keri - into the largest pediatric dental and orthodontic practice in San Diego. Kami and his wife have spent the last 20 years expanding The Super Dentists from a single doctor to more than 120 employees who work to serve over 100,000 patients throughout the San Diego area, spanning 5 buildings throughout California. The Super Dentists hold the “Elite Provider” status for all 3 braces systems, a distinction only given to 2% of orthodontists worldwide.

Dr. Kami Hoss is also involved in real estate and farming. He began investing in 1997 when he was growing his dental practice, and soon began investing independent of dentistry. Since ‘97, he has acquired and developed over 150,000 sq ft, or 3,000 acres, of commercial real estate spanning several states. Kami also acquires and develops raw farmland into nut orchards, primarily pistachios. Kami is a third generation pistachio farmer and a native of Iran, the largest pistachio exporter in the world.

Outside of work, Kami is a lifelong musician who plays piano and also produces music for The Super Dentists.