Kang Imam


The man who always searches his potential area to upgrades himself, so he can upgrade people. He was born in 1995 and trying to having a more mature thought than he has. Be aware because this man maybe can change your whole life.

Born in Bogor, the city of rain, but this city seems like has a more thunder than its rain. Right now, he is a student of Public Health Study, Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia since 2013.

Cause of his passion in organization he was chosen as coordinator for his batch in faculty until now. In 2014, he was a vice president of theatre community for a year. This year he was chosen to be chairman of Nuansa Persaudaraan Islam (Nurani 15) FKM UI.

His dreams, he thinks all dream can be realized. That is just God's art, for people who can work hard and create hard to realize his dream, he will know the reason why Allah sends him to this life. For life to the fullest.

  • Education
    • Faculty of Public Health