Vivek Sinha

Entrepreneur, Trainer, and Agilist in Pune, India

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People say I am an entrepreneur, but I believe I am an amateur artist, who is learning art of life (with great inconsistency).

I started my career at the age of nine as a stage performer (standup comedian and acting in play) followed by amateur writing for news papers..then into family business....poetry and back to study in engineering college (cool-age), then IT professional and finally founded Qonta.

Ran it for 3 good years and then moved back to Corporate world. Technologist, product developer / manager and now Agile evangelist.

At present in Spain, working on what can be future of software development. Experimenting, failing fast, re trying and taking new shape & direction again and again.

None of my stint last for more than three year, that’s matter of worry; but then going with the wind is best way to live life. After all God is there to look after, and he can better manage life, then I myself.