Karen Dovner

Retired Professional in Marketing, PR & More in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Karen Dovner spent years in marketing, promotion, small business growth, and much more in the cosmetics industry. She has extensive experience in what it means to help a business succeed and believes in sharing that knowledge with others in an effort to help them in their own careers. Now retired, Karen Dovner spends her time exercising, cycling or relaxing at the beach in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Karen is active in her community and she enjoys attending various events and charity functions held by local organizations. She also loves to spend time with her family, which she considers one of the most important things in life. Since retiring, Karen Dovner loves that she's been able to spend such quality time with those who mean the most to her.

When she isn't spending time at home or participating in a charity event, Karen Dovner loves to travel and see new parts of the world. Whether she's traveling in the United States or somewhere else in the world, she's always excited for another adventure.