Karen Jandorf

Executive Coach / OD Consultant in Sebastopol, CA, United States

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This, is what I believe:

Life is precious. It is beautiful and unpredictable and messy and filled with paradox. Worrying isn't useful. Human beings are inherently complex, but we are not necessarily complicated. Detecting nuance is a skill worth cultivating. There is no such thing as a problem with a single cause. Invisible connections exist between things that appear unrelated. Intention matters... and impact trumps intent. Reactions just happen, but we are responsible for how we respond. Failure is only feedback about needed change. Conflict is a sign that a difficult conversation needs to occur. Authentic curiosity fuels connection. Listening is a radical act. We can learn to talk with anyone... about anything.​ Being kind is of greater service than being nice. Boundaries help foster healthy relationships. Attention is the antidote to showing up on automatic pilot. Imagination is lifeblood. Our lives are the ultimate creative medium. Vulnerability is courageous. Pain is inevitable... but suffering is often optional. Shame kills. Grieving is essential. Forgiveness is a process, not an event. Scars and wrinkles are life's beautiful etchings. Art, like laughter, heals. Gratitude is excellent medicine. Life is short. Aging is a privilege.