Karen Masullo

Currently I am the Executive Vice President of Social Media for Firestorm Solutions. Firestorm Solutions is a recognized leader in business continuity, vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and crisis management. You can follow us on Twitter here Say something nice on Twitter or on Facebook

Most notably, we handled the Virgina Tech shooting crisis and other high profile crisis engagements.

Staffed by attorneys, engineers, physicians, law enforcement professionals, psychologists and many other talented individuals, we work directly with our Expert Council on behalf of our clients. Firestorm maintains a network of offices in California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia, and Wisconsin to be responsive and accessible to our international roster of clients.

I am also a partner in RescueResumes.com.

I've been quoted by CNNWork, have been a featured writer for HRGuru.com, Suite 101.com and others, and have presented Social Media and Job Search presentations for a variety of organizations including The Wharton Alumni groups.