karen unrue


I live and work in London.

I lived in the USA for 10 years and served in the American Army as a combat medic for four of them.

I am now a trainer in self-esteem and confidence building, assertiveness, and anxiety management, for CoolTan Arts, a mental health creative arts organisation . I am passionate about the work I do and am currently building my own business as a trainer/speaker/author so that I can work with more people to reclaim their lives by helping them to "extract the poison from the past and enjoy playing in the present."

I am also a trained support planner with 2 years experience, and train new support planners.

I am writing an ebook on how to improve your self esteem and live free from fear following abuse whether in childhood, a relationship, or by being bullied. I write out of my own experience of abuse and If it helps just one person I'll be happy. It is called -

"BITE THE SNAKE" anti-venom for the soul.

I also write a blog http://www.thetiltedroom.com and it is here you will find details about the ebook.

I like to : -

Take photos - Look on Instagram for "afteralice24"

Read - can't beat a good Danish crime thriller

Watch films - especially foreign ones.

Open mike poetry readings

Collect Victorian taxidermy

Enjoy cafe life with friends, good coffee, and cigarettes

Spend time in Cape Town - my home from home

Visit with my son, his partner, and my new grandson

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