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Karin Sari Rendelman

Dance Teacher, Adjudicator, and Choreographer in Brooklyn, New York

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Karin, a native of Philadelphia, Pa., is a working choreographer and teacher residing in New York City.

Graduating Cum Laud from Florida International University, Miami Florida, she earned a BA in Dance. Her infectious energy and her passion for dance were seasoned while she mentored under Broadway tap dancer, Jimmy Tate. Karin has been teaching for over 15 years and during this time, was honored to become the Director of the Dance Department at the nationally renowned Weiss School. She has also directed a youth tap company in South Florida where her students and choreography were recognized with numerous awards at a variety of competitions on both regional and national levels.

Currently, Karin continues to teach master classes and create choreography for students all over the country and abroad as well as teaching on the competition/convention/intensive circuit and can be found on faculty with The Quest Intensive, Legacy Dance Champions, Shake The Ground Dance Competition, Next Level Dance Competition, Dance Teachers United, Dance Expressions Dance Competition and Intensive, True Talent Dance Competition, Rock The City Intensive, Throwdown Dance Challenge and Inferno Dance Competition. Karin can also be found on faculty at Peridance Capezio Center (NYC) where she has recently been named Director of the first Peridance Youth Tap Company - SynKopate.

Karin's passion for her art and the technique that supports it, for rhythm and energy and the combination of it all, can be seen in each and every class she teaches as well as in her ambitious and expressive choreography!

Watch more of Karin's choreography♥:

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