Karissa Skirmont

Web Developer, Designer, and Small Business Owner in Omaha, NE

Hello! I’m Karissa Skirmont, and I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs reduce tech overwhelm by building profound websites, designing beautiful brands and taming technology.

I started my business Profoundly Purple, when I was 21 in 2005 and even now, I STILL wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!

My strength is to be able to see the full picture AND each of the tiny pieces that make up the puzzle of an online business. I have a holistic approach utilizing a “right-and-left” brain balance and using emerging technologies to fully leverage time and resources.

I LOVE technology and can set your mind at ease by coaching you through the steps needed to build a strong, branded, online presence.

In a nutshell, I help small business owners! If that’s you, Use the "Hire me" button above to send me a message.

Karissa Skirmont

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