Karsten Madsen

Odense Denmark

Recent discovery in the marketing field that I am proud of:

case study on push vs pull marketing

I create things every day. Small things. Big things.

I put great pride in understanding my surroundings, and I feel that you do not experience anything special in life, by driving in the same track as everyone else. New roads or adventures gives me energy like nothing else!

I just quit my studies and now take full time in The web bureau on Fyn i cofounded with cool likeminded people. We are doing web development and online marketing. The most important thing for us is to think new. There are way too many copycats out there ;)

My passion is the future and how we can make it as great as possible. Many dangers and societal challenges lie ahead. I spent a great deal of time studying what's to come and how we can benefit from it.

On that note, I recommend you to read "Utopia for realists" by Rutger Bretman (who was only 27 when he published this amazing and now critically aclaimed book).

As of 2017 I live in a community with 6 other likeminded people. We bought our own house outside Odense, in the proud city of Fraugde ;)

So by now you should understand that my life is full of curiosity and new roads. Life is a journey.

Get in contact with me, if you:

Feel likeminded.

Have great web development or entrepreneurial skills

Motto: Walk the talk

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