Kartikeya Sharma

Founder & Promoter - iTV Network in India

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Kartikeya Sharma has a Master’s degree from King’s College in London. Kartikeya Sharma is one of the most successful media entrepreneurs in India, in his line of work, he is one of the best.

In 2007, the iTV Network started developing and since then, it has become a powerful and unstoppable brand. In its rise, the iTV Group has acquired the English news channel NewsX and made it one of the best, which was proved in 2014, when it won the prize for the Best English Channel of the Year. The channel is famous for using original content with a unique style of delivering the news. This is what sets it apart from all the other channels.

Other than NewsX, iTV Group owns a Hindi News television channel - India News, which is comprised of three regional channels. These are India News Haryana, India News Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and India News Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Moreover, the Group owns two major newspapers. The English newspaper, The Sunday Guardian, which is one of the best weeklies in India, and the Hindi newspaper, Aaj Samaaj, which publishes daily.

Mr. Kartikeya Sharma is an utterly ambitious businessman. His success can be attributed to his excellent and timely decisions. He clearly has a brain for leadership. This is proved by the power his companies have and the fact that they continue to expand globally. When he sees an opportunity, he is not afraid to grab it and develop it into something bigger.

This state of mind has allowed him to make a deal, on behalf of his company, ProSportify, with the Wrestling Federation of India, in order to form the Pro Wrestling League in India. The iTV Network officially launched the League a few months ago.

Mr. Kartikeya Sharma, will re-introduce wrestling to India and enable wrestlers to have proper exposure and recognition that they deserve so much. Because wrestling has been long known and loved in India, this Pro Wrestling League will only contribute to expanding the love for the s

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