Kat Haber

Director in Vail, Colorado

Kat Haber

Director in Vail, Colorado

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Founder: TEDxVail, TEDxHomer, TEDxYouth@Homer, TEDxVailWomen

Affinity Rep, HaberVision.com

Board Director, WILD Foundation

Board President & Elder's Council Convenor: Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies

Charter Past President, WE Rotary, eClub of District 5000 Hawaii, HEIWA Hiroshima PEACE TREES

Kat seeks the unXpected solution, migrating from Alaska, California, and Colorado spreading creative questions on climate, politics, and economics among my tribes. She skis feverishly, laughs generously, rises up women and indigenous voices and is a Can Doer (winning 3 medals this year at the Jimmie Heuga MS ski race), learning all the time.

TEDx is a growing global social movement with almost 25,000 events in 10 years and over one billion views of TEDx Talks. Kat applied for one of the very first licenses and is a serial curator of TED initiatives in my tiny communities. As a veteran of TEDx, her leading edge is wondering how to continue to connect the dots for ever increasing impact. TEDxVail volunteer teams link live speakers, interactive sessions, local audience to global online audience, with creative Xpressions. Look for these upcoming Xperiences.

TEDxVailWomenLive: Friday, December 7, 2018.

TEDxVailYouth: RISE UP April 6, 2019@BMHS

WILD11, the 11th World Wilderness Congress will be held in China, 2019.

She mentors youth, young pros, emergent women leaders.

Trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, passionately she cross-countried from LA to DC in the Great March for Climate Action, finishing up our 3,000 miles, 8-month long quest for climate justice by being the first of 150 arrested at FERC in Washington DC.

For global business and community leaders, WE Rotary is creating a more peaceful world with No Nukes by planting second-generation-Hiroshima-atomic-bomb-survivor-Camellia-trees in gardens across the globe in our Green Legacy project HEIWA.

I love my husband, Steve Haber, my son McKenzy and daughter Oni, grandsons Jay and Will, 7 nieces and nephews, and my 95 year-wise father. Each day I am reminded of my mom's "Can Do" attitude.

My daily practice:

being here now.

May peace find happiness in you.

Let's play!