Katarina Veljkovic

I'm a computer sciences and math teacher in Polytechnical school in Kragujevac. I'm interested in educational work with children and youth, and during the previous years, also in increasing IT competences of teachers and students.

In 2007 I represented my country at the ITF in Paris (project "Programming LEGO NXT robots in Microsoft Robotics Studio") and won first place for content.

My main goal as a teacher is to inspire and motivate my students for lifelong learning, and to encourage them for creativity and critical thinking, by using technology which takes an important place in their lives.

Working with students, I used different learning scenario in order to develop among them the skills they will need for a successful life and work in the 21st century.

As a teacher of programming and math, tools that I use in my classroom are tools that encourage creativity among students, and provide opportunities for collaboration and problem solving with others by creating various applications that can be used in everyday life (video store, calculator, traffic lights, quizzes, robot soccer , ....) and which can be used by others.