Tiago Katcipis

Software Engineer, Student, and Public Speaker in Florianópolis, Brazil

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Hi, my name is Tiago Katcipis. I graduated from UFSC on computers science and I'm currently working at Neoway on Florianópolis, Brazil, capturing and analysing data.

I'am very enthusiastic about software design, distributed systems and automated testing. I'm also very curious about how stuff works, so I like low level stuff a lot.

I love to learn, specially new programming languages. The differences on the ecosystems and the culture of the community around it amazes me. It is always fun to explore different ways to resolve problems and to express yourself.

Right now I'm very interested in learning new paradigms for developing and designing software, specially curious about the origin of the languages that I program today. To be more specific right now I'm studying Lisp and I'm finding it elegantly simple and uniform. This kind of stuff :-).

If you can help me or want to learn together get in contact ;-)

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