Kate (Katie) Eschbach

Phoenix, Arizona

I began my blog, Songs Kate Sang, as a way to stay in touch with my sweet family back in Texas after we moved to Arizona.

Since starting this online journal, I have read stories that filled my heart with complete love, I have seen pictures that moved me to tears and I have stood beside you on causes that caused my entire being to stir.

This is my story:

Once upon a time, my husband was transferred to Arizona.

I always pictured raising my family in Texas, sending my children to Texas A&M and retiring somewhere with huge trees and green fields, but God had a little different and wonderful plan for me.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the desert. I adore the unexpected colors and the quiet of the star filled nights.

I draw my inspiration from Nature. The beautiful Creation of my God. When I walk away from the technology and go on walks, I am met with the simple details of beauty.

I have become a photographer, a nutella lover and a social media embracer since moving to Arizona.

I remain devoted to Jesus, my husband and my children.

My life includes the pain of miscarriages and the joy of adoption.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit: The Songs of my life... my Psalms.

  • Work
    • Photographer
  • Education
    • B.S. Political Science from Texas A&M