Kate Harris

CURRENT:Kate serves as Executive Director of The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, a Christian non-profit organization based just outside of Washington DC in Falls Church, VA that educates and equips seminaries, churches, and the laity in a deeper understanding of vocation as an integral - not incidental - part of God's mission in the world. She is particularly passionate about exploring and articulating vocation in terms that are relevant and practically helpful for women. Kate writes regularly for several Christian publications, which are collected on her site: www.callingandconstraint.com

BACKGROUND: Kate first moved to Washington DC from Colorado as a Falls Church Fellow in 2002 where she studied under Dr. Steven Garber, (Founder and Principal of The Washington Institute) and worked for Chuck Colson and The Wilberforce Forum on several human rights policy initiatives. She then spent several years working on Capitol Hill for U.S. Senate leadership and helped to lead the vocational ministry Faith & Law. In 2007 she left Capitol Hill to help start The Wedgwood Circle, an angel investment network to fund art that lifts up the good, true and beautiful. In 2008 her family moved to England for her husband to pursue his graduate degree where, when not busy caring for their young children, Kate worked part-time to lead business development for a boutique project management firm. She also worked on a handful of special projects for the global consulting firm Oxford Analytica. After returning to the DC area, Kate joined The Washington Institute staff as a writer in 2010 and began directing its development in 2011.

FAMILY:Kate is wife to a very good man named Joel and mother to their three young children, Addie (5), Walker (4) and Drew (1). She also has three sisters, one of whom currently resides in her basement - yay!

EDUCATION: Kate first attended Vanderbilt University as an Ingram Scholar before transferring back home to the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a B.S. in Journalism and B.A in Political Science. She is perpetually flirting with the idea of a graduate education in English Literature or Law (ideally, both!) but she needs her kids to learn to wipe their own bottoms first.