Kate Smallshaw

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hey! My name is Kate (my friends call me Katee). I was born and bred on the Gold Coast and couldn't think of a better place to grow up.

I’d like to say I was a well-behaved kid but growing up I was always the one pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules – sorry mum! – and now I’m studying Law at Bond University! How times have changed..

When people ask why I decided to study Law I feel like I should have some form of philosophical answer, maybe I should say it came to me in a dream? But in all honestly I have no idea why I chose it, I just did and now I revel in my passion for family law and wouldn’t ever dream of doing anything else. I am excited for my future as a family lawyer and hopefully further down the track as a barrister.

I will admit to being a bit of a nerd; I love (most) of my subjects and you'll often find me in the Law Library on campus. The facilities are breathtaking, and there are so many opportunities. But in all honesty what makes it all worth it is the lifestyle at Bond. Whether you’re sporty or artsy or a nerd (like me!) there’s something for everyone.

I spend most of my time cheering with my team, coffee-ing with friends and just hanging out - oh! - and studying. As cliché as it sounds, I am fully committed to taking every opportunity I can and making the most of life!

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Laws, Bond University