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Kate Rauner

writer, volunteer firefighter, and environmental engineer in Silver City, New Mexico

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Writer, poet, engineer, volunteer firefighter - and well on my way to achieving my life-goal to become an eccentric old woman. Visit me at Amazon or on my blog.

Explore space or colonize Mars in stories of the near future.

Enjoy rhyming poetry inspired by the latest science news.

Check out my science fiction books, reviews of other scifi, science news, and science-inspired poetry.

On Mars - Join a near-future colony. Settlers take a one-way journey to Mars, but the colony's in trouble. Danger follows them from Earth as they struggle to build a home on a hostile planet. Read all 4 books across generations of settlers.

Venture - crew ferries a space station to its home in Mars' orbit, mining and asteroid and visiting the colony on their way. But conflict among the crew and a fateful accident endanger their mission. Can the crew save their mission and their lives?

Glitch - My predictions of the future, woven around a story. A mission controller at Spaceport America encounters self-driving cars, rewilding, climate change, and more - which all complicates his spacecraft's discovery of an inexplicable opening to an unknown solar system.

Rhyme and Reason - volumes of poetry inspired by science. Short, fun poems.

Available in all major eformats and paperback. On Amazon, B&N, Apple iTunes, Kobo, and your favorite on-line store

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  • Work
    • Rocky Flats Plant, Chino Mine
  • Education
    • SUNY Buffalo
    • Colorado School of Mines