Katherine Evans

I am the girl that never quite “fit in.” The one that was friendly enough and smart enough, but always seemed to be just a little “different” than everyone else.

That's because while other girls were playing with makeup and giggling about boys, I was secretly dreaming of fairy gardens, moon magic and uncovering the mysteries of the Universe.

Come to think of it, “different” may have been putting it mildly.

Today, I am a full-time writer and astrologist. I spend most of my days knee-deep in astrology and other forms of divination, constantly exploring our connection to the Divine and the wealth of knowledge coded in our subconscious.

When I'm not writing or working with astrology, I'm tending my fairy garden, practicing moon magic and still dreaming of uncovering all the mysteries of the Universe.

Social Life

I currently live in Texas with my family and our collection of animal friends. I'm an avid reader and love to cook things from scratch. I currently volunteer with a couple of different organizations, doing both writing and web development services on their behalf. I'm also the mom of two amazing kids and have plans to write the Great American Novel someday.

Work and Play

I love painting, sculpting – anything to do with the arts and I'm also a big History Channel buff. I'm a self-proclaimed chocoholic and can't resist old black and white movies... a big bowl of popcorn is a must!