Kathleen Ndongmo

Consultant, Social Media Manager, and Project Manager in Lagos, Nigeria

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I am the Chief Change Officer at the 'We' Project.

First, a champion of humanitarian and social ventures, I am a creative problem-solver and an inspiring leader on a journey to replace bad governance and corruption on the African continent with social justice, sustainability and shared prosperity so that governments, citizens and businesses all benefit.

Led by sound business and life principles, my mission is to end extreme human injustice whilst finding effective solutions that spur economic opportunity, promote dignity, & save lives.

I am an ideas machine - the fuel is conversation with others. I've got lots of ideas! Half of them are stupid. The other - just what is needed. I also dabble in social media, strategy, proper People (not customer) Service [just treat us right where ever, whenever, whoever, however] and 'wording' (aka writing) - with oscillating levels of intensity. It is how I fund my lingerie addiction.

They say I am tertiary-educated with a few academic certifications here and there; a polyglot, multi-cultural, multi-skilled human with the inate ability to multi-task. They also label me an industry award winner but all of that comes to nought as I believe my life has no value if it does not add value to the lives of others.

Therefore, I purposefully journey on, continually reinventing the concept of 'making a difference to the lives of people' for myself and for others. Why? Because that's who I am, not what I do.