Kathleen Niew

Kathleen Niew is an attorney, author, financial planner, and former Republican Businesswoman of the Year. In her book the Zero Tolerance Factor, published in 2003, Kathleen Niew examined six major money problems and offered a simple step-by-step program to financial security. Her second book, Money-Keeping for Modern Times, followed in 2004, expanding on foundational methods for building and keeping wealth. The National Republican Congressional Committee awarded Kathleen Niew the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal in 2006 for her achievements in business.

Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, Kathleen Niew holds seminars throughout the Midwestern states, including her Money Talk for Women series. A popular speaker, she offers advice to experienced investors, novices, and everyday people who want to learn how to budget and manage their resources. She often describes money management as a life doctrine, supported with the three essential pillars of wellness, housekeeping, and money-keeping. The goal is to earn interest on savings, reduce taxes, and minimize risk. The title of her first book, the Zero Tolerance Factor, is in fact one of her core strategies; simply defined, it means not accepting any loss of principal.

Kathleen Niew graduated from the University of Iowa and subsequently attended Northern Illinois University College of Law in DeKalb, earning her Juris Doctor with honors. She interned with United States Representative John Erlenborn and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In 1984, Kathleen Niew and her husband, a labor and construction attorney, founded Niew & Associates, P.C., where she focused on probate and estate planning, as well as construction industry law. She opened Niew Financial Services, Inc., in 2001.

A licensed insurance representative since 2001, she is a former chairperson for the Columbus Life Insurance Company Advisory Board.