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Hey there my Dear Sweeties, O X O X O X

After about a year of being M.I.A. I'm back and ready to return all of my erotic endeavors. My sweeter side got inspired to publish her first two Christian books after getting inspired to write them after reviewing a massive amount of nonfiction Christian books, which then inspired her to start a Christian blog that caused her to devote all of her time in spreading the word of the Lord. She's now allowing her secular selves to have their time to work on all of their endeavors.

I’m Kathryn Heart. I’m a Retired Senior Citizen living in the New York Metropolitan Area, after slaving away working for the City of New York for over 30 years. I've been happily married for 27 years to my marvelous OH, but unfortunately, we've got no children. I love Chinese and Indian food, and spending time alone with my dear OH [other half].

I simply loved reading Romance Stories [especially the hot steamy erotic ones] and have loved to fantasize about being in the shoes of the female protagonist, that I start to write my own Erotic Romance stories.

THANKSGIVING DAY of 2018 truly became a day of THANKS for I finally released my debut Erotic BDSM LGBT romance novel “The Transformation.”The book is available as a KINDLE and can be read for FREE as a KU download.


I'm working on my second erotic story "Becoming the Bride's Mother" which is currently about 64% finished. I'm also in the midst of writing a collection of erotic short stories/novelettes. Needless to say, I must first go back to re-read everything before I can move forwards. I want to be finished writing my 2nd novel by the end of March

My first actual erotic endeavor is "Haiku Becomes Erotic"


If you've got KU I'd love for you to download/read through it as it will help me fund my erotic endeavors w/o any cost to you.

I'm a Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks - The University of Life so I know what is what and what's not. I would love for you to connect with me on the sites I've got listed at the bottom.

If any of you Sweeties has a blog, I'd adore being interviewed by you; just send me a DM on Twitter [link provided at the bottom]


Kathryn Heart

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