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Hey there my Dear Sweeties, O X O X O X

I’m Kathryn Heart. I’m a Retired Senior Citizen living in the New York Metropolitan Area, after slaving away working for the City of New York for over 30 years. I've been happily married for 23 years, but no children. I love Chinese and Indian food, and spending time alone with my dear OH [other half].

I simply loved reading Romance Stories [especially the hot steamy erotic ones] and loved fantasizing about being in the shoes of the female protagonist, that I wanted to start writing my own Erotic Romance stories. I've now got about 70% finished written for my debut erotic novella "The Transformation" and I've already got the idea for my second erotic novella floating around inside those little grey cells in my head that Hercule Poirot kept talking about, the tentative name for it is "Your Hubby-Sitting Company."

My first erotic endeavor is "Haiku Becomes Erotic"


If you've got KU I'd love for you to download/read through it as it will help me fund my next erotic endeavor, And if you feel generous enough to buy a copy would truly appreciate your super support.

With the sheer number of Erotic Haiku's I've already done and scores more on the way...i'm now proclaiming myself the "Queen" of Erotic Haiku. I'm now in the process writing a second volume of 250 more Erotic Haikus.

As of September 3, 2017, I've written 8 installments for my serialized erotic enedaor, a GLBT/BDSM story “Becoming the Bride’sMother” on my blog.

I'm a Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks - The University of Life so I know what is what and what's not. I would love for you to connect with me on the sites I've got listed here. I'm a Regular Member - RWA [Romance Writers of America]

If any of you Sweeties has a blog, I'd adore being interviewed by you; just send me a DM on Twitter [link provided at the bottom]


Kathryn Heart

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