Kathryn Geels

Senior executive and Principal consultant in Brisbane, Australia

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I'm a senior executive/ consultant with 18 years of international experience specialising in designing and executing high-impact initiatives, optimising organisational success, and building strategic engagement and partnerships.

I'm experienced in leading and collaborating with professional, remote and international teams and communities. I'm a strategic communicator (and published author) with the ability to present key messages, ideas and information at all levels, including engaging with policy makers, academics, funders, industry, businesses, internal teams, and the public. I build meaningful relationships with stakeholders through being authentic and through strong influencing and negotiating skills. And I'm a creative problem solver that achieves objectives through blending high-level strategic planning and decision-making, with analysis and insightfulness.

Since 2015 I've been been developing a methodology and framework to help organisations and teams:

1. understand and plan what impact they are trying to make - for their organisation AND for the community they are serving,
2. undertake a self assessment to determine internal and external challenges, opportunities, interventions and solutions,
3. go beyond quantitative metrics and using ‘success’ as a marker of impact,
4. assess the progress they are making towards impact,
5. communicate plans, progress and achievements with internal and external stakeholders,
6. implement strategies, decisions, initiatives, processes and resources that facilitate all of the above.

I apply what I've learnt through working in journalism, media innovation and social innovation for the past nine years, and executive leadership for the past two, to a broad range of industries and organisations.

My vision is that all purpose-led and community-driven organisations - and the causes and communities they serve, inform, raise awareness about and give a voice to - are able to thrive and continue to make positive contributions to society.

I also believe that this, ideally, would be made possible through organisations taking a three-six month hiatus from all external activities. But where this isn't possible, then my skills, experience, knowledge, values and approach to work are still an asset to helping your organisation optimise its resilience and impact.

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