Kathrin Wittich


During her political studies Kathrin Wittich turned fashion into her job and worked as a stylist for big advertising campaigns. She started her personal blog „Kathrynsky“ in 2006 and shortly thereafter was able to pay part of her bills with it. Between 2010 and 2013 she worked for a pr agency in Hamburg, being responsible for consultancy and blogger realtions. One of the projects was the eBay fashion blog Dealhunter.
Kathrin founded the blogger network: „That’s so me“ in 2012. In 2013 she had the idea to represent bloggers. This idea turned into a full blown agency called COVER PR with office in Munich.
She workes as a freelance communication expert, focusing on strategy development and target group analysis, she gives workshops, presentations, talkes about blogger relations and writes for coporate/personal blogs. You can find her on all social media channels as „kathrynsky“.

Seit Juni 2013 arbeitete ich als freie Kommunikationsexpertin mit den Schwerpunkten:

  • Strategieentwicklung
  • Zielgruppenanalyse für Unternehmen und Blog
  • Profiling für Blogger-Redaktion
  • Blogger-Relations
  • Workshops für Unternehmen zur Arbeit mit Bloggern
  • Moderation

Bucht mich! :)

... to be continued.