Kathy DiBella

An interior design graduate of Purdue University, Kathy DiBella recently completed her MBA at Daniel Webster College. For the past two decades, Ms. DiBella has provided design and facility planning services to businesses and educational institutions around the country. She began her career as an associate designer in 1991 with SAI, Inc., in Indianapolis. In this position, Kathy DiBella created design plans for hospitality industry clients such as Hardee’s, KFC, and Taco Bell.

In 1992, Kathy DiBella left SAI to join Everett I. Brown Company as an interior designer, a role in which she gained valuable experience planning facilities for educational institutions. She expanded her skill set further in her next job, a position with Carson Design Associates. As an interior designer for the Indianapolis firm, she planned corporate spaces and industrial facilities for major clients such as Delco Electronics.In 1996, Kathy DiBella joined CSO Interiors. As a client manager, she focused on commercial design projects for Duke Realty Investments. Kathy was responsible for managing a team to design tenant spaces in the Indianapolis area.

Currently, Kathy DiBella serves as a facilities planner for ITT Educational Services, one of the largest educational corporations in the country. In addition to her work with ITT, Ms. DiBella is a sales associate for Silpada Designs, a position she has held since 2007.