Kathy Kastner

Public Speaker, Writer, and Virtual Coach in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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As your Virtual Coach/Consultant my role is to help you or someone you care for understand what it takes to have the best possible end-of-life experience.

It's often overwhelming for non-healthcare professionals to make sense of decisions that can come up as life winds down.

My recipe for making this emotional topic easier to digest: I crack open medical jargon, add a healthy measure of context a dollop of insight and sprinkling of humour.

My blog, BestEndings.com shares what I've learned - including my own end-of-life intention: to Exit Laughing, which just happens to be the title of TEDtalk

For more info about Virtual Coaching: kathyk@bestendings.com


"Death Kills..and other things I've learned on the internet" is the cheeky title of my eBook.

BestEndings cited in British Medical Journal: Electronic Palliative Care Coordination

Patient Advisor International Summit on Leadership Education for Physicians

Selected for Scholarship: California Compassionate Choices Summit

Guest Blogger: Mayo Center for Innovation

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