Katie Bryan

Communications Director in Washington, DC

Katie Bryan

Communications Director in Washington, DC

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Communications Director for @AmericaSaves & @ConsumerFed. Johns Hopkins & UCSB graduate. Enjoys social media, board games, baseball, and helping people save money.

==Written Work==

- Blog: Research shows 60% of Americans are spending all or more than their income (8/17/16)

- Blog: What we learned at the National Savings Forum (5/24/16)

- Blog: NACHA Direct Deposit Survey Highlights Opportunity to Save (4/21/16)

- Annual Report: America Saves Annual Report (2016)

- Research: Where and How America Savers Save (9/2015)

- Research: America Saves Saver Survey Released (4/2015)

- Press Release: Saver Survey Reveals Most Save Money in Traditional Bank and Credit Union Accounts and Save Money Automatically (9/16/2015)

- Press Release: Nonprofit and Government Groups Launch Campaign for a Secure Retirement (3/19/2015)

==Email Marketing==

- Savings Forum 2016 - Thank You and Highlights

- Partner Update (email sent to organizations on our email list)

- National Savings Forum Recap 2014

==Social Media Campaign Featured on NBC Nightly News==

- How to Kickstart Your Savings Account (2/27/2015)

==Media mentions==

- AP: Ask Brianna: Is the 'gig economy' all it's cracked up to be? (8/2/2016)

- U.S. News & World Report: Why Our Savings Rate Is Falling, and What to Do About It (7/15/2015)

- New York Times- Seeing a Tax Refund as a Financial Opportunity (3/31/2015)

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    • Consumer Federation of America
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    • University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Johns Hopkins University